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Hettie Venter

It is a basic human right to be happy, to feel safe, and to know that you are a valued member of society. Feeling Thinking Space creates a space to address any issues regarding these aspects of life. Hettie is a registered social worker and experienced psychotherapist in Durbanville.

Hettie's fields of interest include relationship and family therapy, depression and anxiety management, life skills and divorce mediation. She is an energetic and optimistic person and is of the opinion that a good relationship with one self and with the significant people in one's life is fundamental to leading a meaningful life. Feeling Thinking Space

Feeling Thinking Space Feeling Thinking Space

About Hettie

Hettie Venter

Hettie originates from the hamlet of Worcester. Her late father, a well known and respected industrialist and philanthropist, encouraged her journey toward the principles of human rights and equality for all from a very young age.

As a registered medical social worker (University of Stellenbosch 1972) and a qualified psychotherapist (South African Institute for Psychotherapy 1997).

She was instrumental in setting up trauma counseling for those who were disenfranchised by the heinous forced relocation acts during the Apartheid years. Hettie first worked as a medical social worker at the day hospital organisation on the Cape Flats where she established psychiatric services for the community.

At Tygerberg Hospital, Hettie counselled patients suffering from cancer. During a stay at Princeton University in New Jersey, Hettie was introduced to marital therapy, and she decided to focus on relationship therapy.
She worked at FAMSA for 13 years: Assisted many people to have fullfilled lives. She has had intensive training in psychoanalytic marital therapy through the Tavistock Institute of London.


Hettie works with people in many settings, helping to transform issues and conflicts. She pays close attention to the stories people tell about who they are and how their world works. She gives them the tools to reinvent themselves and their circumstances in a way that generally leads to a more favourable outcome. She listens to their desires and helps people create a framework that will make the desired conditions possible.

Hettie does a full assessment of the person's functioning on all levels of life and identify the risk factors and the person's personality strengths. She compiles a comprehensive detailed treatment proposal to meet each need. Regarding the intervention she follow an eclectic approach as in crisis solution based; cognitive- and behaviour modifying therapy including the relevant psychodynamic principles. Hettie also assists a person and the family to manage a complex and challenging life journey.

  • Relationship therapy
  • Family therpay (parents and teenagers)
  • Dealing with abuse, loss and sexual orientation related issues
  • Depression, anxiety and eating disorder management
  • Divorce mediation
  • Parenting plans
  • Development of emotional and diverse intelligence
  • Life skills (coommunication and conflict skills)
  • Workplace related issues
  • Facilitates relationship workshops
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Hettie Venter
Contact Nr: 082 414 4255
Email: hettie@feelingthinking.co.za
Email: hettierelationship@gmail.com

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